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Dead Sea Beauty Products

The Dead Sea is the world’s earliest health spa, known for its therapeutic effects on skin and joints.  Seekers flocked for millennia to the shores of the Dead Sea to bathe in its extremely salty and dense waters and soak in its unique mud for the treatment of their ailments. Today, we bring the essence and magic of the Dead Sea to your doorstep. Make sure you take advantage of our offer on FREE DELIVERY worldwide for orders above $100*.  

 Welcome to our exciting collection of premium quality Dead Sea cosmetics and products for skin care and body care extracted from the lowest point on earth in the Jordan Valley.  We select the finest Jordanian Dead Sea cosmetic skin care, body care, mud masks, salt and anti ageing serums.  Energize your skin with these healthy blends of over 26 minerals vitamins straight from the Dead Sea combined with natural oils, extracts and vitamins. Treat yourself or loved ones to cosmetic natural Dead Sea mud mask, Dead Sea salt baths & scrubs, hydrating creams, lotions, mineral soaps, body butter, anti-ageing serums, eye gels and anti wrinkle creams.

 The Dead Sea minerals are known for their healing properties to fight aging effects, increse the elasticity of the skin, relax muscles and tension, activate the blood circulations and system, heal psoriasis and rheumatic disorders and to enrich skin cells by seeping deep into the pores for nourishment and energy. The salt contains 26 essential minerals, twelve of which are unique to these waters. Welcome to the Dead Sea. Welcome to Jordan.

*Note on free delivery: Offer applies on Dead Sea cosmetics and products excluding salts and products 400g and above. Free delivery method may take longer periods in certain countries. It is best to order bath salts separately to take advantage of the free shipping offer on all other Dead Sea beauty and cosmetic products.

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  1. FOUF Soothing Facial Mud Mask -With Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Oil (50g)
  2. FOUF Moisturizing Facial Mud Mask - With Collagen & Jojoba Oil (50g)
  3. FOUF Facial Mud Mask 125ml
  4. FOUF  Wrinkle Defying Cream 75ml
  5. FOUF Nourishing Night Cream 75ml
  6. FOUF Day Energizer Cream 75ml
  7. FOUF Eye Contour Gel 30ml
  8. FOUF Mineral Beauty Serum 30ml
  9. FOUF Face  Moisturizer Cream 125ml
  10. FOUF Facial Scrub Cream 125ml
  11. Dolmen Dead Sea Bath Salts Bag (250g)
    Out of Stock
  12. Dolmen Soft Mud
    Out of Stock
  13. Royal Touch® Body Kit Gift Set
  14. Royal Touch® Facial Kit Gift Set
  15. Royal Touch® Body Mask Lavender 500g/ 18 oz Jar
  16. Royal Touch® Body Scrub Lavender 400g/14.2 oz Jar
  17. Royal Touch® Body Lotion Fruit 120ml/4.2fl.oz
  18. Royal Touch® Foot Cream Fruit 120ml/4.2fl.oz
  19. Royal Touch® Hand Cream with Vitamins A, E & F 120ml/4.2fl.oz
  20. Royal Touch® Mineral Soap Musk 90g/3.2 oz. Bar
  21. Royal Touch® Mud Soap Musk 90g/3.2 oz. Bar
  22. Royal Touch® Eye Cream Green Tea with Vitamin E 30ml
  23. Royal Touch® Facial Mask 180g/6.4 fl.oz tube
  24. Royal Touch® Facial Moisturizer  60ml/2.7fl.oz
  25. Royal Touch® Facial Toner Cucumber 60ml/2.7fl.oz
  26. Royal Touch Facial Milk 60ml/2.7fl.oz
  27. Royal Touch Facial Scrub, Almond Shell, 120ml
  28. Royal Touch Dead Sea Bath Salts 350g/2.3 oz Jar
    Royal Touch Dead Sea Bath Salts 350g/2.3 oz Jar
  29. Bloom Body Scrub 350g
  30. Bloom Massage Oil 200ml
  31. Bloom Facial Tonic 125ml
  32. Bloom Cleansing Milk 125ml
Grid List

Items 33-64 of 129

Set Descending Direction