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Hand made silver accessories with customizable Arabic name writing options.
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  1. Custom made necklace with ring pendant containing your initials, free shipping worldwide.
  2. Round gold or silver plated cufflinks custom made with your name, free shipping worldwide
  3. Silver Pendant "Al Falaq" with plain silver chain
  4. Desert Pearls Earrings Desert Pearls Earrings
  5. Desert Pearls Necklace Desert Pearls Necklace
  6. Small Oregano Leaf with Dana Stone silver brooch
  7. Dana stone silver earrings
  8. Small falcon hand made silver brooch
  9. Silver earrings with turquoise precious stones
  10. Silver lizard brooch - Small
  11. Silver necklace and earrings set
  12. Silver berry leaf with red bead earrings
  13. Silver necklace with oleander leaf
  14. Oleander Leaf with Dana Stone silver brooch
  15. Berry Leaf with Dana Stone silver brooch
  16. Deer hand made silver brooch
  17. Ibex hand made silver brooch
  18. Camel hand made silver brooch
  19. 'Dana' Silver Round Pendant
  20. 'Dana' Bronze Round Pendant
  21. Silver Necklace with "La Ilah Illa Allah" pendant
  22. Silver Pendant "Al Falaq" with precious stones necklace
  23. Handmade Silver Ring 2
  24. Handmade Silver Ring 1
  25. Handmade Silver C-Bracelet 1
  26. Handmade Silver Necklace 2
  27. Handmade Silver Earrings 4
  28. Handmade Silver Earrings 3
  29. Handmade Silver Earrings 2
  30. Handmade Silver Earrings 1
  31. Handmade Silver Necklace 1
Grid List

Items 33-63 of 63

Set Descending Direction